Presently, people have been engaged in much debate about the existence of Alexandria’s genesis. Studies have shown that it seem this type of condition emanated from an urban legendary. This is simply because no one with this complication seems to exist. This is in collaboration with research done on the scientific community. There is also every possibility for the condition to have existed before leading to further speculation. What is the story behind this condition? Is Alexandrias genesis just fictional or real? With the comprehensive details of this article, you are sure to understand the full basis of Alexandrias genesis.

What Is Alexandria’s Genesis?

Violet eyes or Alexandria’s genesis is known as a genetic mutation. It causes the eyes to turn or change from blue color or gray to purple. This is usually around 6 months after someone is born into this world. The color will deepen during puberty into a violet-blue or royal purple. It will remain in dark purple color for some time, but cannot affect the victim’s ability to see. People with this condition usually do not grow facial, body, pubic or anal hair. In fact they may not experience hair on the top of their head, eyebrows, ears, noses, and eyelashes. Studies have shown that women with this condition often do not menstruate, but are fertile. Additionally, this condition can result into a gamut of signs such as tanning and shimmering white skin. Women have been discovered to be the major carrier of this mutation. However, it is said to affect those with blue or black hair. From a reliable source, it is mentioned that people with this condition can live up to 130-150 years. Nevertheless, they can stop aging around 50 years. They will not also gain weight and the best figure even if they eat so much. These people will also rarely digest food eaten and are immune to several diseases. For this reason, they will rarely become ill. Studies have shown that this mutation often affect Caucasians more. Nonetheless, interracial children may also experience this condition. This is when they get it from several genes.

Is Alexandrias Genesis Fact or Fiction?

Many people assumed that this disorder is the only avenue to develop purple eyes. Some people even claimed that Elizabeth Taylor has this condition. In most cases, it is refuted that her eyes and other people with this condition have display violet color. The claims that some people have Alexandria’s genesis have existed for a long time. This may be possible without any doubt. The truth is that there are mutations that make some children to have short life spans. This will make them to age quickly. For this reason, there is every possibility to have a condition that will make people to life for a long time. Some races have been known to have high functioning immune system. There is also every possibility that they have a mutation that prevents them from being sick. It is clear that some other people may have a high metabolism that does not gain weight quickly. With all these speculations, it may be possible to believe that Alexandria’s genesis exists.